Friday, March 14, 2008

So last night I taught pilates, went to the gym and did half an hour on the elliptical machine, was feeling all "health health health, sweetie," when lo and behold a text invitation to join some buddies at Pepito's was awaiting me when I hopped back into my car.

I'd like to say I held out and took the high road but you know I didn't. Sometimes I take the low road. And if by low road you mean 2 Corona Lights and a vegetarian chimichanga then, well, I hit the flo', next thing I know, Robby got low low low.

I did make it home in time to catch "Make Me A Supermodel" and all I can say is it's getting down to the nitty-gritty. I'd like to see Perry voted off but only because I think he's an asshole. And speaking of MMASm ... y'all, they were in New Orleans last weekend and guess who else was? ME! For serious. I don't know how I missed them other than the fact that I was in pilates training both days for most of the day and, well, it is New Orleans - not really a super small town, right?

Here's a pic of the guest suite at my friend's place where I stayed on the weekend. Isn't it gorgeous? My super friend JG hooked me up with it. It's nice to have an authority figure looking out for you!

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