Monday, March 03, 2008

Red Lentils Day

Are you marveling at my little reference to Pet Shop Boys in the title of this entry? Admit it, you are. You so are. Granted their song was called "Red Letter Day" but that's what makes it an allusion - a reference - right? And now go forth into your day humming the lyrics, "All I want ... is what you want."

OK, I'm now 100% paranoid about how white I am. You have no idea how crushing this is to me. Honestly, most people who know me know that I'm secretly black. I mean, I think I've done more black things than white things in my time here on the planet (Mad Dog 20/20 at Mardi Gras when I was 15, eating ribs on Sunday afternoon back when I ate meat, hatin' on just about er'body back when I was a hater, etc.) but now I'm painfully aware that if there's a Whole Foods around, my black ass is gonna be up in there, even though I'm white. And on Saturday in Memphis I should just point out that there were black people at the Whole Foods: shopping AND working - just like white people. OMG, diversity! I know, I know, I know. White people love a health food store. We just do. Sue us.

Have I preached about red lentils? Have I? I cannot remember but it bears repeating. Red lentils are the shit where a dry staple in your cupboard is concerned. Number 1, they taste awesome. Number 2, they're cheap. Number 3, they're way good for you. Totally pack a powerful protein punch and if that's not diverse I don't know what is!

I eat them for lunch a lot because they're really quick and easy to cook. I mix 1 part dry red lentils to 3 parts water (usually 1/2 cup lentils and 1.5 cups water) and bring to a boil, then turn down heat and cook for about five more minutes. Season to your taste - I love Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning though I'm trying to cut back on sodium so sometimes just use freshly ground black pepper - and eat up.


allie said...

Robby, I'm sorry, but you are one of the whitest people I know. Although I have to say, if you embrace the lentils because they are cheap, that could get you points for Poor and white, which is less funny and bloggable than well-off and white.

Cause we are [looks around for my old skool hip hop CD]

allie said...

PS. I'm drinking Pelligrino right now.

(i think i may do the ultimate whitey thing and order it at lunch)

meandering way said...

That looked like a bowl of Xanax....think I am having a bad day? How very white of me, dawg!