Friday, March 07, 2008

Me and Underwear

I have a little problem buying underwear when I a.) don't really need it and b.) cannot seem to discard it. Does this mean I wear holey underwear? No, that's not what this means. On the Robby List of "Life's Too Short To Fillinblank" wearing ratty drawers is right up there with sleeping on questionable sheets or not using high quality moisturizer on your face. What it means is that I seriously have a drawer full of shorts that I can barely close when all of the inventory is clean.

What's the protocol for getting rid of underwear? Dust rags? Good God, I don't dust enough to use them all. I have some sort of cheap compass that occasionally manifests and I simply cannot discard a functional garment. But is life too short to have bad underwear decisions still milling about, like an ex you cannot just cut loose?

You tell me. I'm all ears!

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