Monday, March 31, 2008

Kick On!

So this weekend Maddie and I loaded up Banzai and went trucking over to Pine Mountain, Georgia, to a big horse trials at Poplar Place Farm. My dear friend Meg from Tulsa and her mother, who are like family to me, had made the long haul to compete. I used to groom for Meg at big competitions so it was fun to get back in the barn and help a little although a.) I did not put on Duffy's bridle in this picture because that figure-8 noseband is totally not adjusted correctly and b.) I did not have to do the caulks in his shoes so YAY for no sore back!

Duffy is a neat big horse - a Clover Hill grandson on the top out of a Cruising mare - that Meg brought over from Ireland a few years ago. Of course, he promptly colicked and had to have surgery twice, so he's just now getting back into his competition groove. He's a fun one with a big licky tongue and I felt totally relaxed being in the stall with him. Horse therapy is good stuff!

Ouisie, with her little fat gray self, had a wretched breeding report last Friday. Her uterus is all crazy messed up - fluid and possible cysts, tipped at the pelvis, tone not good - so we won't be breeding her this year. But she's still precious so we might just find her a little job to do that is appropriate to her abilities.

Strange weather. 80 and hot on Saturday; misty gray and 50's yesterday morning. I had to watch the cross-country in a borrowed fleece with Duffy's wool cooler wrapped around me!

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