Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hate On Me: II

There u go
Just because I let u go
There u go
Talking bout u want me back
Well sometimes it be like that ...

It's not that I don't love Christian. I don't. It's just that I really don't love his "I'm so great" attitude. And I really abhor his dead skunk hair. That is TOTALLY going to be a hair regret one day and no I'm not just saying that because I have no hair. Please, if I had hair, you should know I'd probably still shave it all off. Hair is for bitches, okay?

I feel like Rami should've won Project Runway. Christian had the support of fembot Victoria Beckham but his collection was too costume. Rami showed range and showed a lot of wearable. I loved how Jillian styled her show and think she has a future if she could just get herself energized and tackle it with gusto!

I should tell you that while we no longer have Project Runway to anchor it, SUPERFAB is still on. Wednesday nights at my place. Bring your bitchiness and rock on!



Jonathan said...

I have to disagree. As an all 4season watcher of Runway, Christian has what they look for. I don't think it was costumey(is thata word?) at all. It was very editorial. Can it be mass produced to buy at Sears? No. But do you buy you clothes there? Jillian was not consistent. Rami, well, his construction is wonderful, but the colors, eek! I thought it was easter with all those colors coming down the runway. That said, he was on Tyra a few years ago and what he showed there, rocked! I was a Rami fan in the beginning, but the boy just has bad taste.

another great read is

Have a great weekend!

Jane said...

By the end of Project Runway I've made peace with whoever wins. But I never felt that for Christian.

Like Chris said, "somebody give him a bottle and put him to bed."

Anonymous said...

I love the way Christian almost crumbled as Nazi Heidi built up the suspense to the judge's choice. "Where's your confidence, Christian? Not so fierce are we?"

I'm still reeling from the loss of Chris March. (sniff). I want a human hair jumpsuit! Do do that voodoo that you do so well... and I loved his old faggy friend of his who wore the "Hot for Hillary" T-shirt. L.O.V.E. that! Those kids had style.

Christian's hair is a sideways mullet, you know. And that's just too post-modern for even me.