Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clothing: I Hate Myself For Loving You

You may or may not know that I think life is too short to have clothes that you hate or are sick of, or quite simply adopt a total ABC attitude toward your items of apparel and when they ask, "I thought you loved me but it seems you don’t care," you respond, "I care enough to know I can never love you."

In typical Robby fashion, however, I tend to keep clothes around for two seasons too long because I feel sorry for them. It's a totally acceptable state of fickleness. So you should know that to alleviate this torment I do always donate my castaways to a local non-profit or to my father, who will wear anything. He's honestly like the village chief in "The Poisonwood Bible" who wore a purple sweater and horn rimmed glasses with no lenses.

Right now I'm going through a wretched time identifying my "style." I am a 100% deconstructed aficionado. I don't want lots of form or rigidity to my wardrobe. This doesn't work so well for "dress up" occasions. What's a guy to do?

One thing is for certain. I'm about to clean the closets for realz and say goodbye to a bunch of apparel with a goal for Spring/Summer to be easy and breezy. Which pair of these Pumas do you like best?


Arkanzin said...

The brown slip-ons. They are much more easy, breezy.


Arkanzin said...

The brown slip-ons are much more easy, breezy.


Shelby's Mom said...

I like the tan Pumas! LOL
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I like the tan pumas! I like the kelly green... so preppy!!!

That's the look, that's the look... !!! Nice ABC reference