Monday, March 10, 2008

Celebrity Lesbian

It was not my intention to blog about Bjork today. I mean, I will admit I went through a little Bjork phase back in the Debut days, and I did like her greatest hits album because I sorta dig the song "Hyberballad," but she lost me with her extreme trip-hoppiness on the Post album, and we used to laugh that she was way too Frank Sinatra when we were driving to raves and doing the things that young people did in the mid-90's. Those were not optimal Bjork times, my friends.

Loved her performance in "Dancer In The Dark," and would recommend that film to anyone. In summation, I don't deny Bjork her Bjorkiness and admittedly, bitch knows how to work a photograph.

However, I haven't had a Bjork thought in yearsforever and so it surprised me when I dreamed about her last night. And it was a very Bjorky dream. She was performing on Saturday Night Live, and Amy Pohler was dressed like her and carrying around a small child who looked just like her in the skit that introduced the performance. In her Bjork character, Pohler said something to the effect of "Watch out, celebrity lesbian coming through."

Then, the music started (typical Bjork sorta marchy rhythm), then Bjork comes out dressed in this black feathery-yet-Mongolian costume sitting on a big woman who was supposed to be a horse although she was dressed in this pink feathery costume, and all I remember was her singing in her little Bjork voice, "If you ever meet a celebrity lesbian ..." and then there were some other hokey lyrics though I'm too traumatized to recall them.

What do you think this means?

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Daniel said...

Tell me more.
I'm sorry I missed that on Sat.