Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Bones, Baby, The Bones ...

If we speak in terms related to Psychogeometrics, I'm totally a Squiggle. This is why, I think, I'm able to look past most of the trauma that occurs in my life. Quite frankly, I just don't care. It's not because I purposely choose to not care even though morally I have zero tolerance for individuals who hold grudges and model these self-righteous "I deserve fillintheblank," or "My value fillintheblank" behaviors. Here's the reality, dumbass, you don't deserve anything and you really have no value to anyone but yourself. Go ahead and Get Right. My Squiggleness just is what it is. I tend to see big pictures and am always looking out on the horizon and relish in possibility.

The great big sucky side of being a Squiggle is that it's really difficult for me to batten down the hatches and focus on anything. My ideas are great. My actions need work.

I have a really great friend here in Ttown - a fellow Squiggle - who gave me this book for Christmas. It's called "Writing Down The Bones" and was written by Natalie Goldberg. What an amazing gift! As a Squiggle I vowed to read it and as part of my attempt to evolve into an actionable Squiggle, I am! It's an easy read, but chock full of amazing wisdom and advice. It's making me happy, and I am hopeful that this vacuum I find myself in - where I'm so busy that I don't retain a lot of information or slow down to sort out the details - will be escapable via my writing efforts.

Step 1 is to write. That's where I am right now!

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Anonymous said...

As someone who does occasionally hate on stuff, I am totally going to check out this book. But, I have my doubts. For starters, I have zero tolerance for, say, for example, rapists. I'm just sayin'... !

You continue to inspire... carry on!