Friday, February 01, 2008

Wade In The Water

I'm sorry, but don't give a near-death gay man access to YouTube and expect him NOT to extract high-quality camp. It just doesn't happen. Probably has something to do with that special blend of drugs I'm on. A little antihistimine here, a Tamiflu there, an antibiotic thrown in for good measure - you know the drill.

Having just watched "The Quilts of Gee's Bend" on DVD (it's an Alabama Public Television special) I'm heavy in the mood for good gospel. "Wade In The Water" is definitely one of my favorites.

I have no idea who this actress is, or the movie, or why she'd be singing such a spiritual to the high school musical set ca. 1947, but I always love it when a performer makes a dramatic entrance with lots of jazz hands surrounding her.


Jane said...

You can't shake your boobies to God's music. That's not right.

Such said...

Her name is actually Judy Henske. This is a clip from the show Hootenanny.