Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reminders To Relax ...

It's February 12 and I am making an effort to review my goals as opposed to it suddenly being January and I'm all, "OMG, save money!"

One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to to live the life that I have and to appreciate the downtime, reduce the stress of the time-race, etc.

It's stressful for sure - my job and other commitments tend to snowball on me - but at least I have this sort of mental barometer that indicates to me to relax and take it one project at a time. And so that is what I'm doing and I sorta wish those were my legs in the picture and I was in some really awesome hotel in Spain.

Oh, speaking of, last night I dreamed about my trip to the Mediterranean. There were lots of pregnant lesbians going on the cruise and I packed all of my clothes in a PRSA conference bag. I got to the transfer bus and was like, "Uhm, I don't think I brought enough clothes."

Note to file: Vuitton steamer trunk. Take everything.

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