Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Thank you everyone for your concern and messages yesterday after I posted my angry blog. And by everyone I mean Jon and Kelly. Your support was touching, and helped me get through the day without being a complete bastage. Happy happy sunshine friends, muthafuckas!

I probably didn't post this when I had the flu because, well, flu, but I had to miss my first weekend of matwork training in Memphis when I was ill. I went last weekend for weekend two, which was great, but must determine how to make up my missed training. Fortunately there is a matwork training beginning this weekend in New Orleans and I can go audit at no charge.

This means I had to tap into the network (that's code for gay mafia) and now am staying at a super bitchin' place in the old DH Holmes building at Bourbon and Bienville for a SWEET rate, and will be scooting down the interstate Friday night after work all hopped up on the SF Red Bull. I'll be in training on Saturday and Sunday and will get home late on Sunday night. Lots to do, but good stuff and I'll feel tons better having made up the first weekend of essential level training.

Robby + Pilates x New Orleans = Just What The Doctor Ordered!

An aside: matwork kicks ass!

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