Monday, February 18, 2008

Mind Games

I am not sure what it's called in psychology when you have convinced yourself that something has occurred, and in fact, it has not. I know it's not deja vu - which is the phenomenon of a current action also being a distinct memory - but am at a complete loss for a word here. It's probably something like "What Happens To A Person Right Before He Has A Huge Schizophrenic Break" and I'm completely oblivious. Or it could be, "Don't Try To Make Decisions When You Have Flu And Are Medicated."

The whole point of this story is that a few weeks back - surprise surprise - I had to get my Americal on because, let's face it, I love to shop. And I bought this bitchin' little blue vest. So, order comes in, I unpack er'thing, and last night began searching my apartment from top to bottom because I could not remember where I had put the vest. This is abnormal too because I always try everything on, look in the mirror, envision a scenario in which I might wear the item, what I will say, where I'll be, what I'll be doing, etc. - it's all part of The Robby Johnson Show and, no, this shit doesn't just come together spontaneously, it requires a ton of thought - and I certainly wasn't sure I'd done that but a part of me wanted to be convinced.

Lo and behold, one cannot simply log into an account at said website, so I couldn't check to see if perhaps I'd not received the order. My only option was to go dumpster diving. Fortunately I threw away the invoice last week and was away for the weekend, so it wasn't too bad. I did, in fact, find the slip and the vest is on backorder.

I really don't have time for that sort of crazy. I spent 20 minutes being kooky when simply reading the invoice at the outset would've given me my answer. Applied learning: read the fine print!

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Jane said...

Wait a minute, I have the female, 16 year old version of you at home.