Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hate On Me ...

Uhm, yeah, so like, I love this song even though I'm sure it's six months old and has probably already been done by 38 drag queens THAT I'VE NOT GOTTEN TO SEE PERFORM even though I love watching drag shows, but if you think I'm not susceptible to the allure of a sistah with a modern 'fro, you are wrong. Because I am. I totally am.

I might even need to get a tattoo that says "Hate On Me." Or, at minimum, make my own t-shirt. Or t-shirts. I'm not skeert of fabric, glue, and rhinestones.

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Arkanzin said...

Jill Scott works it!

I have loved her since her first album which had "Long Walk" and "The Way". Bitch's videos feature her walking around. She loves to walk.

Oh and check out "Daydreamin." It's a collaboration with Lupe somebody. Jill Scott has a classic voice that should be heard more often.