Friday, February 15, 2008

El Presidente

Is anyone else skeert over the way this contest for the Democratic nomination is unfolding? I am.

I will publicly admit that I am a loyal Hillary supporter. I think she's a brilliant leader with a true passion for the role, and a track record to back up her success.

I think Barack Obama is really nifty, and has tons of potential, but right now he doesn't say to me, "I'm the complete package."

I am also even more skeert of the what's going on over in GOP'ville. As you know, I'm pretty sure Mike Huckabee is one of the original horsemen of the apocalypse, and I'm pretty sure John McCain brings nothing more than a story to the table.

Try to remember we're interviewing a candidate for a job here. Which one of these individuals would you trust most as a key player in running your business? Think of it that way as you make your voting decisions. This is not about a top-down communicative push. It's about defining an expectation and holding someone accountable for the governing of our country.

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