Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby When The Lights Go Out ...

New Orleans was lovely this weekend. The weather was SPLENDID yesterday, which made it hard to be cooped up in a pilates studio training when what I really wanted to be doing was having Bloody Marys and people watching. Not to slight pilates, of course, because the training was fantastic and the instructor trainer was amazing. So amazing that I think I may go back in two weeks which will effectively have me in pilates matwork training for a full month of weekends.

I feel like I got much done in such a short span of time. In addition to my late arrival on Friday night (9:30) and horrid mistake of missing the parking garage entry to the most bitchin' apartment rental (pic taken from balcony) and thusly having to cross Bourbon Street at 10 p.m., I was able to find my way Uptown to hit up the American Apparel store on Magazine Street on Saturday and piece together some threads for a function I attended with friends later that night.

I love waking up early in the French Quarter when it's quiet and only the merchants are milling about, hosing the sidewalk and preparing for the day.

New Orleans is still limping along, but every time I go back I get a little more hope. It's not out of the woods and I encourage everyone to continue to listen to the story with interest. A lot more is going to come out of it. If anything, I am beginning to really see the opportunities that exist there. Strong leadership is what is required to turn the tide.

note: Today's title is a song by David Guetta. Check it out - very hott!

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Arkanzin said...

Oh my God!

I have been singing "Baby When the Lights Go Out....I hear you calling, I hear you calling" all morning long. So when I clicked on your blog, what do I see...."Baby When the Lights Go Out!"

Wierd like that!

Glad you enjoyed New Orleans! Wish I were there!