Friday, January 18, 2008

When Someone Said Count Your Blessings Now ...

It's a good thing he's pretty. Because a command of the written word alludes him. And by alludes I mean ignores. And by ignores I mean escapes. Hey, at least BravoTV isn't overly-editing blog entries so we're getting the real deal straight from the contestants. Kind of cool, huh?

Of the models I like Jackie best, though now I have to hate her since she was such a wimp about wearing the g-string last week. That is so amateur and honestly, inexcusable.

Of the guys I like Perry best, even though he's a tool behind the camera. He takes great photos and has a confidence that communicates on both the runway and in print.

Speaking of runway ... I've been meaning to ask this question for the past 3 years ... what the fuck is the allure of Heatherette? I mean, seriously, is that fashion? Because to me it looks like two queens playing "Party Monster." And girl, the decadent post-modern club kid era is so played-out. Why not make a garment that someone would actually consider wearing?

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