Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Take Out Your Frustration!

Maddie occasionally likes to beat the shit out of her rope toy. Last week it was a nice little ball. As you can see it now has some Cousin It feature and is quickly coming unraveled. She will not rest until it is dead. When we lived in Arkansas we had lizards in our rock garden and Maddie would stalk them all day long. Life is intense when you're a Jack Russell. So many things moving by that you must attempt to investigate, if not downright stop!

Auntie Sue will be happy to know that Maddie got her toenails did this weekend. OMG, they were eagle talons and I was so embarrassed that they'd not been clipped in awhile. I normally have those done when she boards but she's not been to the vet for about 4 months. Bad dog owner. Bad!

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