Monday, January 21, 2008

Portrait of a Quitter ...

I just thought I would share with everyone that today marks the 5th year anniversary of my cigarette smoking cessation. It seems like it was 200 years ago. Honestly, I am the biggest reformed smoker this side 'tha Mississippi. I live in a town where smoking is still permitted in bars which is probably good because it limits my bar time and God knows that's good on many levels.

I smoked from age 16-26, then did this half-hearted attempt at quitting for about 5 years. And by half-hearted I mean I only smoked at horse shows, when I was out for margaritas, or when someone had a cigarette. In late 2001 I went back hardcore and smoked the entire year of 2002. Like, pack-a-day smoking which was always my judgment level for people who needed to quit. So, January 21, 2003, I put those suckers down and haven't had one since.

It's saying alot for me because I am not naturally prone to the extremes and limiting myself on things I like to do. I'm ultimately a hedonist with masochistic undertones. So the fact that I have been able to modify my behavior gives me hope. Maybe one day I'll have it all figured out!

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allie said...

Go Robby! That is something to be proud of.