Friday, January 11, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

Even though this isn't the right branding - I think this may come from the UK's version of the same show - I have to talk about my new favorite TV show, "Make Me A Supermodel."

Quite frankly, it's awesome and I heart it like whoa. And I have obviously missed my life's calling not only to be what? a supermodel but also, and I think more important, to be a modeling agent. My God, the discernment, the blunt delivery, the judgey-judgey ... that is so Robby Johnson!

And not in the way that you might think. I tend to see shape and overall picture, so I do think I have an eye for the physical. It's one of the reasons I am loving teaching pilates. Because I can tell people to pretend they're a gazelle and even though they're not gazelles I can see them trying to be and that's really what matters, isn't it? That you tried to be a gazelle. God I'm hungry. OK, moving right along ...

I am not going to run down the program's entire cast of characters because, honestly, they're all pretty hott in their own special way. However - what happened to that really heroin chic blond guy whose name was something in the original episode? He didn't get eliminated, yet he wasn't on last night's episode. Jail bait? Deportation? Somebody help me out here.

Also, why are Igyor and Jonas featured in all of the promotional advertising even though they didn't get past the first episode? Seriously, last night's show indicated it was taped January 4-6. For realz? Because yesterday was January 10. I know they was so tired arse editors and production crew if that really is coming together on such a tight schedule. But it also means that if you are in New York, you could probably stalk some shoots and get the skinny on behind-the-scenes.

Bottom line, I'm addicted and with my awesome DVR, I am assured I will never miss an episode! I say Sarah gets the boot. Stay tuned!


Such said...

I actually saw them filming part of an episode. It was in the hally of a building downtown where I was taking a class on Sunday. I over heard one of the guys saying, "I stopped taking the vegetable laxative too soon." I just kept walking.

sanguine39 said...

DOMINIC = Pointless
BEN = Hitler Youth,Sexy
KATI = Fat, Auburn, Alabama
PERRY = JT, Hetero, White Boy
FRANKIE = Late Eighties, Flawless, Unfortunate Personal Style
STEPHANIE = Couture, Mannequin
SHANNON = Legszilla
JACKI = Fierce, Tired
SARA = Ballerina
RONNIE = Annoying, Too Gay, Teeth Extraction
ARYN = Mouse
HOLLY = Vixen, Gamin, Fashion
CASEY = Seriuosly Broody Eyes, Print God, Hot
JAY = Tight, Prehensil, 'Good Times'