Friday, January 04, 2008

I HATE Huckabee

Just say no!

I am aghast that Mike Huckabee has broken out as a frontrunner in the Republican race for president. Why is America so fucking retarded and clinging to a candidate campaigning on a platform of wholesome family values? Define wholesome, you asshole. What's wholesome about your family? Your son is a hot mess who kills dogs and carries loaded guns to the airport.

You spend taxpayer dollars to support covenant marriages but reduce funding for HIV/AIDS patients in your poor state - in one of the highest infection rate populations residing in one of the poorest sections of the United States of America.

I lived in Arkansas for the duration of your governorship. All 10 fucking years of it. I have witnessed you fat, skinny, was there when you lived in the triple-wide, and certainly have a good enough sense about people to know you're a bloody snake in the grass.

America, please - quit pretending that a "good aww shucks" character is what this country needs to get back on track. That is not what we need. Remember 2000? Everybody happy with GWB? No? Really?

So don't elect his even more retarded constituent. Go with a candidate with a working knowledge of a functionally successful presidency. Vote Hilary!

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