Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Complete Robby Johnson ...

Ouisie Arrival

To know me is to know my lifelong obsession with horses. And how sometimes I've had to sing "Coming in and out of my life ..." where they're concerned. But they're in my DNA and my hiatus seldom last long.

My friend Sue did me a huge friendly favor and brought Ouisie over to Alabama to live with me this weekend. I'm so excited! She will be bred to A Fine Romance this year to hopefully produce an event or dressage horse prospect for me. Her 1/2 brother - Tiamo - has turned out so nice that by breeding her to his sire, my foal will be a 3/4 sibling to to Tiamo. Confusing? That's horse breeding. Considering I'll be probably 41 before I can sit on the horse I'm hoping to breed this year (at 36!), I'm going for quiet, tractable, but super, super fancy.

Based on Ouisie's behavior coming to a brand new place - the first place off the farm in her whole 11 years - I am more than optimistic that dream-foal exists. She is positively lovely. Quiet, kind, loves attention and affection (just like her mother), with a fabulous trot and super-rhythmic canter. The only thing that would make it better is if I could move her into my apartment with me.

And, as such, thusly we re-initiate Project Land Purchase. At this point I'm fine with 4 acres and a single-wide. I just want everybody within the same perimeter so I can feed her peppermints before I go to bed each night.

If you would like to contribute to Project Land Purchase: Operation Singlewide Hopefully Not Near A Meth Lab, please contact me directly. Your contribution is taxable, and your only return is that feel-good feeling you get from helping others. We greatly appreciate your commitment to our future success.


LibbyDuffy said...

What fantabulous news! I am so very excited for you and will contribute in any way I can to encourage others to do the horses-at-home thing ;) I know of a pretty five acre piece, suitable for a single wide, no meth labs nearby at all . . . but it is here, and not there, so not feasible, but boy, would we have F-U-N! (vbg)

I wish you guys all the best and maybe someday my baby horse can show yours the ropes, since she'll be a little older! :-)

More pictures please!!

Debbie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you have horses back in your life. I've taken hiatuses, too, and they are good as long as they don't go too long.

I think I'm going to breed my Irish mare this spring, so we can swap pregnancy and baby stories. :-)

Our own Project Land Purchase has me eating Ramen noodles at the moment, but it's completely worthwhile.