Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Allergic to Alabama

From 1994-96 I had a recurring sinus infection. Every 4-6 weeks I would get sick, require all sorts of steroids shots and antibiotics - to the point that I went through a major sinus CAT scan and was in the queue to have sinus surgery. Then I moved to Arkansas. And I believe I was probably sick 4 times, max, the entire 10 years I lived there.

When we'd travel back to Mobile, particularly in the winter, I would experience sinus discomfort but it would always resolve when I crossed the Mississippi River heading West.

Not surprisingly, I have had sniffly/funkies all winter long. Probably because we go from 20 degrees to 70 degrees and back overnight.

And today? Not good. I am so mad at my sinuses. And if you think I am going to get a dental implant AND have sinus surgery without getting a nose job and some liposuction, you're wrong, my friend. Dead wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would be allergic to Alabama too.

Remember to do that book-tag thingie I told you about! Apparently it's all viral on the interwebs...