Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yellow Cake Batter

I have this friend who I'll call Ronny Thompson. And Ronny Thompson really does mean well. At least that's what he says. But interestingly, he also says he is a stress eater, and that sometimes he's over-indulgent and obsessive and definitely believes that if a little is good then a lot is better.

Which is why I wasn't surprised yesterday when he told me that he'd mixed up some yellow cake mix - leftover from a homemade Christmas gift project - and ate it for breakfast. And then had some more when he got home last night before dinner. Because Ronny Thompson LOVES him some yellow cake batter. My God, when we go to Cold Stone Creamery - twice each year because it's deadly on the calorie scale - he always gets cake batter ice cream with chunks of yellow cake and strawberries. I have to hand it to Ronny, he has excellent taste.

I did some Googling and found this reference to a yellow cake batter martini. Does anyone know the exact proportions to make this cocktail? I am sure one could/should only consume one of these potentially sick-inducing martinis but damn I, I mean Ronny, would love to try it just once.


Anonymous said...
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Jo said...

What's yellow cake? Enquiring minds want to know. I'm sitting down to muesli (you'd call it granola) with banana after virtuously cycling my heinie to work. Permabelly femme is on its way out too!