Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tragic Christmas

I don't want to hear anyone bitching about their Christmas.

This story is downright frightening.

I returned from the Gulf Coast last night, having spent a fantastic morning and early afternoon with the family. In typical Mobile fashion we awoke to a heavy rainstorm and very cool temperatures, only to have it all blow out by noon and reach a really nice mid-60's. My uncle received a skeet thrower so most of the family was on the levee shooting clays when I left. I really wanted to stay and shoot but time was a factor.

Thankfully sugar free Red Bull was in the cards and reversed the effects of my two glasses of red lunch sleepy. My body will likely be in shock this week as it shifts from 4000 calorie-per-day constant grazing to it's usual you-don't-deserve-to-eat steamed veggie and mild protein existence.

I feel terribly for the victims of this tiger attack. Too many of these as of late. Makes me wonder if perhaps the animals are trying to say something to the world?

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