Thursday, December 27, 2007

Glimmers of Hope

It's difficult for me to go home without thinking of New Orleans, since it was somewhat a second home for me as a young adult. And if one typically dances on tabletops and drinks dacquiris at 9 a.m. at their second homes - you do, don't you? - then I'm sure you'll relate to my feelings of nostalgia.

And since my friends Joe, Allen, John, and Chris reside there now, I'm happy to hear that things are marginally looking up. Each time I've visited since Katrina it's seemed a wee bit better, though there is still much to be done and it certainly isn't like visiting Disney World.

While I was home my mother encouraged me to watch this documentary DVD called "Hurricane On The Bayou." I found it most interesting and very compelling. The stories are all around us regarding the decimation of the wetlands at the mouth of the Mississippi River and what that has done to our environment. And because my company also has a division that sells mitigation banking credits for wetlands, and offers wetlands restoration, I was even more fascinated by the serious role of protective barrier from seaborne storms our wetlands portray.

Get thee to Blockbuster or add to your Netflix list. This is a really worthwhile investment of 45 minutes. Plus, you get to hear Meryl Streep narrate in her not-quite-Miranda-Priestly voice. Everyone wins!

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Margaret S said...

I was checking my email which I couldn't read from you for Christmas so I decided to google you and write.
This is a voice from your past. Bo and I went to New Orleans for Christmas with the children and had a great time. It is slowly showing signs of old but not fully back to norm. It's still our home away from home and hopefully one day we will up and move there.
Love ya! Miss Ya! Margaret