Monday, December 03, 2007

Boot Camp

Lord have mercy, child, I have had me some weekendz.

I was feeling a little puketastic on Friday night so I had to regretfully decline an invitation to a performance of The Nutcracker, but am glad I did as a.) sick not good in crowded theater and b.) I felt mo' betta on Saturday morning.

I went to the pilates studio to practice, and the awesome that is Derelicte came by and took a few photographs of me for my Christmas card. Don't worry, it will be revealed soon ... all in good time! I just have to say that Derek is amazing and I am lucky to count him as a friend and creative comrade.

While there I agreed to do a new class that the studio owner is offering with a strength training coach from one of the local colleges. OMG, my butt is so sore, still! We did a pyramid build-up of a squat/shoulder press, from 1-10, so I did 55 squats with a toning ball on my back, then went out and power-walked a mile, doing all sorts of interval work (including hills) with that. We finished off with some plyometrics. Always a good way to shock your hiney into muscular engagement!

From that point on I was a shopping fool. I have effectively licked the holiday shopping - and not that I have much to do, thankfully, but I'm doing homemade gifts for co-workers and had to obtain lots of supplies/ingredients.

One of my friends invited me to a really rad party Saturday night. A huge movie screen set up in the backyard continuously looping National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, great food, including a spoof of the crazy old aunt's Jello salad complete with cat food, and fun people.

Yesterday I fired up the baking machine and finished the evening with my homegirl Nicola at our new Sunday beat, Chipotle. I'm about to burn some calories. If you've not downloaded my new favorite song - "I Want Your Soul" but Armand Van Helden, you're missing out!

Happy Monday and have a great week!

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