Thursday, November 01, 2007

PayPal is Ca-Ca ...

I'm just doing my part to spread the word here ... if you use PayPal I would highly recommend you break-up with them. They're sort of a whore about breaking-up - there's not a really obvious way to do it on their site. No "It's not you, it's me," no "Just quit calling, you sociopath," no splashing of a glass of water in their face after which you storm out of the restaurant or, for that matter, no running through downtown Dallas to a Ramada Inn with only your Exxon card wearing a white leisure suit. But whatever works for you in break-up scenarios, you must do something.

About a month and a half ago I checked my bank account online - something I rarely do because quite honestly, I'd just rather not know. However, upon inspection, it appeared I was getting billed by PayPal $13.90 oh, every 10 minutes, for a Skype related charge. Now look here, I don't even use Skype and I damn sure didn't give anyone access to my PayPal account. I never open phishing emails or anything like that. Fortunately I only had 3 charges but am sure I'd have had 30 had Fate not forced me to check my account that Sunday morning.

I will say PayPal was excellent in resolving the matter for me and put the cash back into my checking account but where stuff like that is concerned I'm very much a once-bitten twice-shy kind of guy. Plus, a few weeks earlier my friend Walt had his checking account completely obliterated by PayPal which was all the more reason for me to say "ahhhhhhhh, feck it!"

I removed both of my attached checking accounts from the PayPal account, causing them to tell me that doing so would make me "unverified" but quite frankly I don't care. Goodbye PayPal. I really do wish you the best and hopefully you'll meet someone one day who will make you happy.

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