Monday, November 19, 2007

King Of The World

OK er'body ... I am officially trained on teaching the Essential and Intermediate Stott Pilates Method on the Reformer. Now I just have to complete a bazillion hours of observation, physical review, and practice teaching before I can test for my certification.

Here's a pic of me doing back split (thanks Nicola!) during this weekend's training. In this exercise the rear leg stays straight while isometrically engaged, and the front leg bends to move the carriage in and out.

I'm looking forward to being trained to teach the matwork in February (3 weekends in Memphis), then will test (hopefully in June) for certification for both Reformer and matwork. Then I'll be Robby Johnson, Stott Pilates Certified instructor. Yay!

The 2009 goal is to train on the Cadillac/Chair/Barrel. At which time you can bring your broke ass home and I will twist you into a pretzel in the studio and you will love me when I'm done.


Trey said...

Okay, that doesn't even look like fun. ;-)

Nicola said...

Yeah you used the photo..laughing at your pretzel failed to mention the dressage whip again!
lets practice pilates this week!