Monday, November 12, 2007

Hurry Back To The Land Of The Living ...

Greetings and salutations amigos!

I am back in Alabama and marveling at the wonders of modern travel. There it was Saturday, mid-morning, and I was sipping champagne in lovely Puerto Vallarta, only to find myself a few hours later in the washing machine cycle of US Customs in Atlanta.

Because I have the world's most generic name, I got flagged during one part of the process and had to sit in a waiting room for 30 minutes before an agent finally called me up and asked:

Agent: Do you live in Ohio?
Me: No.
Agent: Have you ever lived in Ohio?
Me: No.
Agent, returning my passport: Have a nice day.

I was ready to shiv a bitch but I counted my blessings, endured going through security once more, and finally was able to get my shit, get in my car with my friend who came to collect me, and made it to another friend's house to sofa crash. I was out of Atlanta yesterday morning by 7:15 and back in Tuscaloosa by 9:40 - the miracles of sugar-free Red Bull and an empty interstate - and threw my baggage in the floor, took a shower, and then set about another 1:15 drive to Thomaston where I met my mother and father at the Alabama Rural Heritage Center to pick up Maddie!

I was so happy to see her little fat self. Her MeMe has been feeding her well - I swear she's gained five pounds. We had an awesome brunch at the bistro there, did some browsing at the studio (they have really amazing folk art and crafts), and home by 2:30.

It was a lot to do in a day, but also really fun and while my apartment needs serious Consuela time, the good news is that I actually feel pretty relaxed and chill as we enter the holiday season. Just what the doctor ordered.

I miss my vacation buddies already and hopefully will be in touch with new friends in the very near future!

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