Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am probably going straight to Hell for sharing this story. I've honestly debated whether or not it is even appropriate to repeat. On one shoulder is the nice little white angel Robby (you know, the one that still has the golden halo of blond hair all hanging down into his face). On the other is the little red devil Robby. He's the one with the propensity to don a leather bondage mask at Halloween and raise a little. I'll let you guess which voice won out. Damn that Devil! Damn him!

So last night at tutoring my learner was having a great night. Her skills have really improved in the six months we've been working together. We were talking about our lesson content - a story about a class having a potluck party - and we got off on the sidetrack of Thanksgiving. She told me about her sister - who is big, apparently - and how she has what sounds like a really horrible compulsive over-eating problem. Innocently, my learner referenced her niece, who is the daughter of this sister, by calling her "Candymama."

I couldn't let it go.

"Candymama?" I asked.

"Yes," she said.

"Is that really her name? Candymama?"

The grin in her bright eyes told me she wasn't lying.

"What kind of name is Candymama? Is her first name Candy and her middle name Mama?" I probed.

"No, her middle name Latriece. Candymama Latriece."

I am sure she's a lovely child. But seriously, I am not sure I could call her by her name without laughing.

Could you?


Casey said...

Is her little brother named Babydaddy?

meandering way said...

I swear on all that is holy, there is a Latino child in Panama City, Florida named Playboyjay. No kidding. All one word, followed by a surname. I even tried to pronounce it in Spanish to make sense of it to no avail. I am a teacher in rural Gadsden County, so I have seen just about everything young mamas have come up with in the last decade. This one left me flummoxed!

Jo said...

I have two sides to my family - one is the very WASP very U side, the other is, dear lord how did that happen. You can tell them apart by the names they give their children - on the WASP side we have children called Lucy, Paige and Cooper. On the other, Trenzo, Dianja, and names I don't even know how to pronounce, much less spell.

Marit said...

When I was living in South Carolina I came across a name that wiped the straight face right off. Queenie Bobo. I didn't know what was more sad, the last name Bobo or that it was prefaced with Queenie.

Around that same time I found out that Fifi was not a nickname for a classmate, but her actual given name.