Friday, November 30, 2007

2008 Vacation Plans

Next summer, when your boy is turning what? 37, you can relax knowing he'll be doing it on a cruise ship in the middle of the Mediterranean with several of his very closest friends. That's right, don't hate. If I have to turn 37, then I'm going to have fun. Big numbers deserve big recognition, agree? It's all about scale.

We booked our rooms on the ship on Wednesday, and last night I bought a plane ticket. Which was more like a down payment on a house, but what is it the bumper stickers say these days? "Life is not a dress rehearsal." I'll fly direct from Atlanta to Barcelona on the evening of July 3, arrive in Spain on the morning of July 4, then we'll embark on July 5. The cruise ports in Marseilles, Florence, Naples, then onto Greece where we'll overnight in Mykonos and then spend a day in Santorini before returning to Rome, where I'll catch a plane and return to Atlanta.

And do you know that's only 9600 Delta miles? Dude, I thought it would be like, 25,000. I need more miles so I can get more free tickets. Daddy like a free ticket.

OK, just had to share my glee. Happy Friday!


meandering way said...

You are going to have a most fabulous Birthday! I celebrated my 39th with a cruise in the Aegean this past summer....Mykonos and Santorini are just gawgeous! I am secretly trying to figure out a way to spend my 45th on the Queen Mary II....I loves me some cruise ship!

Jo said...

I am shocked and hurt. Not that you're turning 37, because, hey, you're my inspiration when it comes to how to be older without letting it kill me, but because you're going to the freaking Aegean when you could be, like, I don't know, visiting NEW ZEALAND!!!!!