Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We are having an "80's Ladies" theme party for my mother and her sister, in honor of their retirement(s). It's the last weekend of October when most will be celebrating Halloween, so we're all dressing up in 80's costumes. I still don't know 100% what mine will be, though I think my brother and I might go as JR and Bobby Ewing. Even though "Dallas" was very early 80's, I freaking loved it. I remember being in the 6th grade in like, 1983, and just being glued to the TV every Friday night. Mostly because I thought Lucy Ewing was awesome - I mean, who else gets kidnapped and forced to sing "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" at a Lubbock honkytonk? Lucy Ewing, she who also got engaged to closeted homosexuals! Lucy who was so wild she couldn't live in California with Gary and Val.

OK, here are some inspirational videos. What other costumes might you think of?

KT Oslin


Olivia Newton-John


meandering way said...

I think Bobby and JR would be fabulous! Thanks to you I am now having flashbacks at my desk....Xanadu...oh, Xanaduuuuuu

Jane said...

What? No Designing Women? No Golden Girls?