Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vital Idol

I had a hard time getting buy-in from mi familia on the "Dallas" cast idea for Mom's party. I personally think MSJ could rock the whole Sue Ellen look but finding a turquoise 70's muchacho leisure suit so I could be Bobby began to be stressful. So I caved and bought a Billy Idol costume because if you think I don't didn't love me some Billy Idol, you're wrong. Honey, I knew every word to every song. MSJ and I would rock out to "Dancing With Myself" every morning on the way to school, before she wrecked The Roach. Then we were car-less and had to ride to school with Michelle Cook who, can I just say, wasn't so much fun, but we were nice because it was a car ride to school and not the cheese. Sometimes, if she wasn't going to drive the next day, she'd say, "I hate to be the barrier of bad news." And I was all Daria-like in the backseat and would just think to myself, "bearer," but that was 20 years ago. 20 years. Shit.

FF to 1995 when vinyl clothing became all the rage. I had some black vinyl pants that I bought in New Orleans when I went to see Alanis Morrisette's kickoff club tour at Howlin' Wolf. A few months later I bought this black vinyl zip-up shirt in Los Angeles and within days I thought, "These are such great costume pieces ... to the back of the closet you shall go!" Mainly because vinyl clothing doesn't breathe. I do think I still have my maroon vinyl Airwalks. Note to file: check shoe box. Good God I'm ADD this morning and this post is all over the place! Anyhoodle, I loaned Black Vinyl to a friend in Texas for her doctor husband to wear to a big costume gala. He went as Billy Idol and was all kinds of glam. Sadly, however, I lost my vinyl clothing when I moved. And by lost I think I threw it away.

And so I have an online cheesy costume, but that is OK. It will still be fun. And I can always accessorize.


Jane said...

I had the black vinyl/pleather jacket with real faux leopard lining. The sweat created when this was combined with a velour sweater was incredible. The smell was pretty fierce, too.

Anonymous said...

I never had any vinyl, other than the kind that spins around on your record player! Love your blog, Robby... blog on!!!