Friday, October 26, 2007

Miracle ...

I love this song and was reminded of it when we were leaving a bar in Philly last weekend. (The dance remixes are pretty flawless and I don't use the "f" word lightly.)

I love Pet Shop Boys and got to see them in 2002 at a small venue - The Bronco Bowl, who remembers The Bronco Bowl? - in Dallas. I was on the second row and it was like we were in the garage or something. So awesome.

I had a better day yesterday and you know why? Because I freaking wrote a plan and got some shizz done. Looking forward to a fly weekend and wearing my Billy Idol costume. It's pretty hysterical, I must admit.


Arkanzin said...

Oh, I remember the Bronco Bowl! Where else could you go bowling, play video games, or, say, go to a concert?!

I will remember the Bronco Bowl-- not getting to go see the Pet Shop Boys, but for getting to see Erasure!

Oh, the memories! What a show!

Sadly, the Bronco Bowl is no more. A victim of destruction due to corporate greed and sprawl. The site is now the home of a Blockbuster or Walgreen's or something for which the world definitely needs another.


Jonathan said...

How I loved the Bronco Bowl. I only got to see 2 concerts there. Arkanzin -- Of course you remember that concert, 'cuz I was there with ya boyee.