Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I am constantly attempting to improve my vocabulary. I love words. I especially love having word options. Por ejemplo, I could've just said "For example" but instead I chose to go Spanish because that's the mood I'm in. What fun is a conversation when you can engage in a dialogue? Why do crunches with your spine in imprint when you can do them in flexible bias? (Note: you really should do them in neither ... maintenance of a neutral spine is ideal.) See, it really does pay to enrich your word power.

As part of my ever-expanding vocabulary I've added 3 new words to my lexicon. Feel free to adapt and incorporate them.

Bitchgasm - n. What happens when we lose our patience and get confrontational with an opponent.

When the Delta baggage representative told me my 50.5 pound bag was half-a-pound too heavy and would cost an additional $100 to ship, I had a total bitchgasm.

Suckgasm - n. The culmination of a suck collective.

I am not sure her poor horse could be any less talented, though her ability to fling herself up onto its neck and pray for a distance only increases the intensity of their big suckgasm.

Assgasm - n. sometimes adj. A consortium of bad ideas, individuals, ugly misfit items, etc.

Honey she thought that silk Versace shirt ca. 1997 would work with those 2001 Missoni pants. Wrong. That outfit is a total assgasm.

OK, everyone use these new words in a sentence of your choosing in the comments section. Enjoy!

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Cole ONeal said...

I am going to have a bitchgasm if we dont get together soon.....