Monday, October 08, 2007

Leafy Leafy

I'm back from Canada, eh!

Do you ever read those Visa/Mastercard ads that suggest these really ridiculous things one should do prior to dying? Like, "Run with the bulls in Pamplona," or "Make out with Pam Anderson?" (OK, OK, I made that last one up.) To that list I should add "See peak leaf change in the Northeast." Wow. It was so spectacular and rich with color that I would sometimes find myself wondering if we were really in the present or if we'd been transported to some sort of Willie Wonka world of Technicolor.

Speaking of Willie Wonka - we describe the food at our lodge as "hearty." And by hearty I think that means "heart attacky." What's the one thing you don't offer Robby Johnson? Dessert, I hear those in the know offering up? You're right! Because I don't turn it down. And when you give me three options per meal, guess what ... that's three options this here Leona Helmsley I Want It All homey is going to invoke.

I really wanted to see a live moose while we were there but had to settle for a moose statue in Doak, and saw some moose tracks when we went out wingshooting one morning. My co-workers were awesome as was my photographer. I'll post more on that this week.

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