Tuesday, October 16, 2007


As many of you know, I'm often forced to go to the grocery store. And by often I mean sometimes. If sometimes means you're standing in your kitchen wondering if you could boil the contact paper on your shelves, add a little Tony Chachere's, and call it dinner, then you know I'm there twice a month.

However, you'd think I went daily if you saw the volumes of plastic bags I have in one of my tiny cupboards. First things first, I'm an old school grocery bagger. Picture it. Delchamp's. Mobile, Alabama, 1987. At 17 I was the grocery bagger boy. Did I hate that job? Of course. Did I learn how to properly bag groceries? I did indeed. You have to "start with a box," and honestly, today they just put like 1-2 items per plastic bag. I know, I know, I could - could, I say - bag my own groceries but that would take away from me reading InStyle or OK in the aisle, and why should I do their job for them? That's my time, I tell you. My time!

Sorry, a digression and vent there. Point of this post is that Blogger recommended some green blogs today, and I loved the name of this one, Haute*Nature. I totally am buying a couple of Baggu bags.


Jane said...

I've seen some of those fancy pants bags, the ones locally are like $65 which I won't cough up. I got bags and they're not the ones under my eyes, thank you very much.

BTW, not bagging your own groceries when I'm standing behind you? Watch your back because I'm going to kick your ass.

Kiss! Kiss!

Arkanzin said...

Oooh! I'm so glad you posted this! I am so terrible at finding great things on the innernet and being able to locate the neat gadget I found three months ago.

If (and I do mean IF) I move to Chicago, I will so need one of those for trips to Trader Joe's as there is a Trader Joe's just a couple of blocks from where I'll be working. And if you don't think I'll be shopping at Trader Joe's, well you're wrong!


Jo said...

Robby I ,command you to use reusable grocery bags. A, they hold a heap more than the grocery store ones B, one normal sized grocery store plastic bag contains enough oil to fuel an average sized car for 110 metres C, plastic bags escaping landfills are a leading killer of wildlife D, reusable bags is funky cool. Also very useful for things such as library books, gym gear, lugging vegetables out of the garden and so on. Mine were only 99 cents NZ at the grocery store. That's, like, free in US money.

Robby Johnson said...

I bought 3 for $22 ($8 each). Not to worry, I'm all about environmental protection!

Jo said...

Second challenge - remember to leave one in car at all times. This is harder than it sounds =).