Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grateful Dead and Bleeding Gay Ears

Last Wednesday morning my friend and photographer Derelicte and I were heading out of our hotel in the ATL for Canada to do a photo shoot.

For some reason we were talking about music and he mentioned his late teens/early adulthood and being into The Grateful Dead.

I had a really visceral reaction that included wincing and maybe even an audible groan.

Derelicte said, "I know, Gays hate the Grateful Dead."

Why is that?

I can only admit ever hearing one of their songs. And it was wretched and I hated it in a way that is really unhealthy. It was a song called "Touch of Gray" which I think was some sort of comeback effort for them in the late 80's.

I'm getting the heaves just thinking about it and all I can say is "Jerry Garcia, you may've gotten an ice cream flavor named after you but you are no Siouxsie."


meandering way said...

OH NO! Robbie, you are the victim of the one commercialized Grateful Dead song ever to be a radio hit! Don't let that turn ya off, man. I can hook ya up with some really danceable Dead sometime.

Arkanzin said...

Robby, I'm glad you mentioned Siouxsie. She has a new CD!

She's not with the Banshees but I just thought I'd let you know! It's called "Mantaray." It came out on October 2. Perhaps you knew this as to why you made the reference.

October 2 was a great day! Annie Lennox's "Songs of Mass Destruction", Bruce Springsteen's "Magic" and Siouxsie's "Mantaray"

So much music!

katie st. john said...

"Gays hate the grateful dead" hahahaha! Well, Robby, I listened to a Grateful Dead song today- I liked it way before i knew it was by them b/c a band at Sewanee covered it and might i say it was 10 times better when the sewanee frat guys covered it. I get chastized every time people ask me, so, you like the Dead? and i say, ummm, haven't really listened to them- which is my version of "no" which affords me a slightly more friendly reaction from all the children of dead heads that apparently go to sewanee. i'm with you, babe. ugh.

Derelicte said...

My thoughts precisely, Meandering Way! Robby, you are the oh-so-unfortunate listening victim of one of the worst, most-overplayed Dead tunes ever!

You can not appreciate the Dead through mere radio broadcast. Please allow me to dig through my 300 cassette archive of vintage Dead Shows from '68 to '94 and turn you on to a classic HELP>SLIP>FRANKLIN or ESTIMATED>EYES. I think I've got a Portland '77 that will turn your ears around.

If you still don't like it, we can chill on some Everything But The Girl, another favorite.