Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Mia Farrow, actress and humanitarian, spoke at the opening assembly at this weekend's PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She spoke candidly about her experiences over six visits to Darfur (Sudan) and eastern Chad, in Africa. To say it was riveting would be an understatement. I have never been moved to tears listening to a third party recounting devastation and tragedy, but I was on Sunday. Mia is right - 500,000 people have been slaughtered in this horrid genocide and the rest of the world has basically done nothing to assist.

This woman, called Hawa as that is what all women who have been victims are called, was fleeing a raid with her baby on her back. Her baby was shot and killed, and the bullet penetrated her back. Mia said she told her, "But it is the wound in my heart that is killing me."

There were many similar stories shared over the 2 hour presentation. I highly encourage you to read to learn more about the serious human rights violations in Africa, and to learn how you can use your voice to bring awareness to these unspeakable crimes.

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