Monday, October 01, 2007

Blame Canada!!

I survived my first weekend of pilates training! We are nearly through the Essential repertoire of exercises, and will begin learning the Intermediate when we reconvene in two weeks. I really enjoyed the training and it's shifted the way I think about the work in a very positive way. I will never get rich being a part-time pilates instructor but I will be happy if I can help people find the joy and connection I find when I exercise. If anything I get to say words like "develope," and "envelope," both 4-syllables and very French. I haven't decided yet or not if I'll take a dressage whip into class with me. Probably not, but don't hold me to that. You know I don't like repeating myself and if I say develope, bitch, you'd better develope. Got it?

As a sidenote, I am training to certify through Stott Pilates, based out of Toronto. I love me some Toronto. I have been there twice and am excited to think that my future may hold other visits as well, though it is my intention to test (by May) at the instructor's studio in Memphis.

I will be leaving for ATL tomorrow night and flying out Wednesday morning to New Brunswick, to do a photo shoot at my company's lodge there. I have a slammed October on the books and am not in love with being out of the office for 3 days but duty calls.

How was your weekend?

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