Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stroke of Luck

If you know me, you know I love Shirley Manson/Garbage. I have loved them since 1995, the very first time I heard "Vow" on the alternative radio station that broadcast from Pensacola. I am sure my BFF T will recall this station since we listened to it day-in/day-out until it switched formats nine months later, rendering us speechless - almost as bad as when they switched the airtime for "Santa Barbara" from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. after the Seoul Olympics and we had to skip school at least once a week to catch up on our story.

But anyhoodle, 1995 was pre-Google and I pretty much kept a vigil around the radio until I heard "Vow" again, and once the song/band was introduced and my ears had recovered from the serious volume blast I made a beeline to Peaches, called my BFF T from my big handheld "car phone" that was mounted in my car with a cord because, you know, I was so kew, and am pretty sure I proceeded to play it at least 600 times in a row. OK, maybe not in a row. It was in my 3-disc carousel with Hole's "Live Through This" and likely something like Radiohead or Seven Year Bitch or Belly just to mix it up.

I love this song and you know I'm going to do you right by including the lyrics as well. Enjoy!

"A Stroke of Luck"
by Garbage

Hanging by threads of palest silver
I could have stayed that way forever
Bad blood and ghosts wrapped tight around me
Nothing could ever seem to touch me

I lose what I love most
Did you know I was lost until you found me?

Stroke of luck or gift from God?
Hand of fate or devil's claws?
From below or saints above?
You come to me

Here comes the cold again
I feel it closing in
It's falling down
And all around me, falling

You say that you'll be there to catch me
Or will you only try to trap me?
These are the rules I make
Our chains were meant to break, you'll never change me

Here comes the cold again

I feel it closing in
You're falling down
And all around me, falling

Stroke of luck or gift from God?
Hand of fate or devil's claws?
From below or saints above?
You come to me now

Don't ask me why
Don't even try

Stroke of luck or gift from God?
Hand of fate or devil's claws?
From below or saints above?
You come to me

Here comes the cold again
I feel it closing in
It's falling down
And all around me, falling


Monday, October 29, 2007

It's A Nice Day To Start Again ...

You've heard tale of MSJ, and here is photographic evidence that she does, in fact, exist.

The retirement party was a smashing success and so well-executed ... definitely the result of a lot of hard work and effort by my sister and my cousin Vickie (MCV), who rocked their leg warmers hard core and I know are feeling 10 pounds lighter now that this milestone festivity is behind them.

Our karaoke DJ sucked it on the DJ side of his bidness, but we still had fun singing and, can I just say, offered up a really authentic version of "Love Shack."

My BFF since the 8th grade came, and we had crazy mad fun laughing at each other in our costumes - both of us wearing fake hair that itched like whoa. And finally my brother, and our two neighbors from childhood (also brothers) got down with a great rendition of David Allen Coe's "You Never Even Call Me By My Name."

Fun times!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Miracle ...

I love this song and was reminded of it when we were leaving a bar in Philly last weekend. (The dance remixes are pretty flawless and I don't use the "f" word lightly.)

I love Pet Shop Boys and got to see them in 2002 at a small venue - The Bronco Bowl, who remembers The Bronco Bowl? - in Dallas. I was on the second row and it was like we were in the garage or something. So awesome.

I had a better day yesterday and you know why? Because I freaking wrote a plan and got some shizz done. Looking forward to a fly weekend and wearing my Billy Idol costume. It's pretty hysterical, I must admit.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This Just In ...

I read this article on stress this morning and had to laugh a little.

It's heavy on the bad news, light on the good. If there are so many things one can do to relieve stress, why not focus on those activities? I need all of the help I can get.

I am over-stressed. My job is sorta ridiculous right now and unfortunately my buddy Derelicte had to witness me crack-out yesterday and I feel terrible about it.

I leave for Mexico on 11/3 and I am doing absolutely NOTHING over the entire week I'm there. It's going to be all about my books and my earbuds and many, many naps.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Mia Farrow, actress and humanitarian, spoke at the opening assembly at this weekend's PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She spoke candidly about her experiences over six visits to Darfur (Sudan) and eastern Chad, in Africa. To say it was riveting would be an understatement. I have never been moved to tears listening to a third party recounting devastation and tragedy, but I was on Sunday. Mia is right - 500,000 people have been slaughtered in this horrid genocide and the rest of the world has basically done nothing to assist.

This woman, called Hawa as that is what all women who have been victims are called, was fleeing a raid with her baby on her back. Her baby was shot and killed, and the bullet penetrated her back. Mia said she told her, "But it is the wound in my heart that is killing me."

There were many similar stories shared over the 2 hour presentation. I highly encourage you to read www.miafarrow.org to learn more about the serious human rights violations in Africa, and to learn how you can use your voice to bring awareness to these unspeakable crimes.

Friday, October 19, 2007

PR PR Persons' Awards Dinner Of the Month Lunch ...

I will be leaving tomorrow morning for Philadelphia - Pennsylvania, not Mississippi as many people around instinctively think - to attend the 2007 PRSA International Conference. I will return on Tuesday evening but am pretty sure I'll take my laptop so don't discount a blog or two while I'm there.

I attended this conference in 2003, in New Orleans, and was very impressed with the quality of programming, as well as the serious recharge it gave my professional batteries. I made two contacts in New Orleans with whom I've developed friendships and am still in regular contact, and of course hope to meet more this round.

Life in TTown has made a serious upward turn this week. I have met some very interesting new people.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vital Idol

I had a hard time getting buy-in from mi familia on the "Dallas" cast idea for Mom's party. I personally think MSJ could rock the whole Sue Ellen look but finding a turquoise 70's muchacho leisure suit so I could be Bobby began to be stressful. So I caved and bought a Billy Idol costume because if you think I don't didn't love me some Billy Idol, you're wrong. Honey, I knew every word to every song. MSJ and I would rock out to "Dancing With Myself" every morning on the way to school, before she wrecked The Roach. Then we were car-less and had to ride to school with Michelle Cook who, can I just say, wasn't so much fun, but we were nice because it was a car ride to school and not the cheese. Sometimes, if she wasn't going to drive the next day, she'd say, "I hate to be the barrier of bad news." And I was all Daria-like in the backseat and would just think to myself, "bearer," but that was 20 years ago. 20 years. Shit.

FF to 1995 when vinyl clothing became all the rage. I had some black vinyl pants that I bought in New Orleans when I went to see Alanis Morrisette's kickoff club tour at Howlin' Wolf. A few months later I bought this black vinyl zip-up shirt in Los Angeles and within days I thought, "These are such great costume pieces ... to the back of the closet you shall go!" Mainly because vinyl clothing doesn't breathe. I do think I still have my maroon vinyl Airwalks. Note to file: check shoe box. Good God I'm ADD this morning and this post is all over the place! Anyhoodle, I loaned Black Vinyl to a friend in Texas for her doctor husband to wear to a big costume gala. He went as Billy Idol and was all kinds of glam. Sadly, however, I lost my vinyl clothing when I moved. And by lost I think I threw it away.

And so I have an online cheesy costume, but that is OK. It will still be fun. And I can always accessorize.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Speed Limit, This Is The Fast Lane ...

The first album I ever bought was Stevie Nicks' "Belladonna." I was 9 years-old and saved my allowance for a month. My mother thought it was way too mature for me but I had to have it and recall having one or two "But Moooooooooommmmmmmmmm" fits before she succumbed. I was transfixed the first time I heard "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" on the radio and apparently was literate and resourceful enough to determine who sang it, and what it would take to hear more.

While the title track was never released as a single, it's still one of my favorites 26 years later. I constantly wish for things to slow down but that doesn't seem to be intrinsic to my composure.

You can ride high atop your pony
I know you won't fall...
'cause the whole thing's phoney.
You can fly swingin from your trapeze
Scaring all the people...
But you never scare me

Bella donna...
And we fight... for the northern star

No speed limit... this is the fast lane
It's just the way that it is here
And you say... I never thought it could

Bella donna... we fight...
For the northern star

And the lady's feeling
Like the moon that she loved
Don't you know that the stars are
A part of us
And the lady's feeling
Just like the moon that she loved

And you say... I never thought it could
Bella donna
Come in out of the darkness...

You are in love with...
And I'm ready to sail...
It's just a feeling...
Sort of captures your soul

Bella donna...

And the woman may be awestruck
And the woman may truly care
But the woman is so tired...
So the woman dissappears...

Come in out of the darkness...

Bella donna... my soul...

Don't change... baby please don't change
And you say...
And your face becomes thin
You never thought it could
Come in out of the darkness
Bella donna...

You are in love with
And I'm ready to sail
It's just a feeling

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


As many of you know, I'm often forced to go to the grocery store. And by often I mean sometimes. If sometimes means you're standing in your kitchen wondering if you could boil the contact paper on your shelves, add a little Tony Chachere's, and call it dinner, then you know I'm there twice a month.

However, you'd think I went daily if you saw the volumes of plastic bags I have in one of my tiny cupboards. First things first, I'm an old school grocery bagger. Picture it. Delchamp's. Mobile, Alabama, 1987. At 17 I was the grocery bagger boy. Did I hate that job? Of course. Did I learn how to properly bag groceries? I did indeed. You have to "start with a box," and honestly, today they just put like 1-2 items per plastic bag. I know, I know, I could - could, I say - bag my own groceries but that would take away from me reading InStyle or OK in the aisle, and why should I do their job for them? That's my time, I tell you. My time!

Sorry, a digression and vent there. Point of this post is that Blogger recommended some green blogs today, and I loved the name of this one, Haute*Nature. I totally am buying a couple of Baggu bags.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Seasonal Allergies ... ugh!

Nothing defrays a "Let's get a lot accomplished" plan like seasonal allergies. And if you think I didn't have to break down and take a Zyrtec yesterday, you're wrong. I might as well call them my bitch pills. They make me tired and ornery. Clean up the ol' schnoz? Sure. Is it worth it with all of the funky trippy dreams Zyrtec brings with him? Not really. I'm still tired and I slept 8+ hours last night. Oh well, more lemon tea for me. No rest for the weary.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Songs of Mass Destruction

I highly, highly - no, really, HIGHLY - recommend everyone run out and download or purchase Annie Lennox's new album, Songs of Mass Destruction.

It's truly a gift and I cannot stop listening to it.

I went out and played last night with the stunning and supafly Miss CC, ran into my buddy Coleio and we got our picture snapped by the Zoom! girl at the local newspaper, and am totally shucking off cardio this a.m. I will do it tonight and I will do it for an hour because there are calories to be burned, yo.

Note to self: Transfer Annie to MP3 before tonight.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grateful Dead and Bleeding Gay Ears

Last Wednesday morning my friend and photographer Derelicte and I were heading out of our hotel in the ATL for Canada to do a photo shoot.

For some reason we were talking about music and he mentioned his late teens/early adulthood and being into The Grateful Dead.

I had a really visceral reaction that included wincing and maybe even an audible groan.

Derelicte said, "I know, Gays hate the Grateful Dead."

Why is that?

I can only admit ever hearing one of their songs. And it was wretched and I hated it in a way that is really unhealthy. It was a song called "Touch of Gray" which I think was some sort of comeback effort for them in the late 80's.

I'm getting the heaves just thinking about it and all I can say is "Jerry Garcia, you may've gotten an ice cream flavor named after you but you are no Siouxsie."

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I am constantly attempting to improve my vocabulary. I love words. I especially love having word options. Por ejemplo, I could've just said "For example" but instead I chose to go Spanish because that's the mood I'm in. What fun is a conversation when you can engage in a dialogue? Why do crunches with your spine in imprint when you can do them in flexible bias? (Note: you really should do them in neither ... maintenance of a neutral spine is ideal.) See, it really does pay to enrich your word power.

As part of my ever-expanding vocabulary I've added 3 new words to my lexicon. Feel free to adapt and incorporate them.

Bitchgasm - n. What happens when we lose our patience and get confrontational with an opponent.

When the Delta baggage representative told me my 50.5 pound bag was half-a-pound too heavy and would cost an additional $100 to ship, I had a total bitchgasm.

Suckgasm - n. The culmination of a suck collective.

I am not sure her poor horse could be any less talented, though her ability to fling herself up onto its neck and pray for a distance only increases the intensity of their big suckgasm.

Assgasm - n. sometimes adj. A consortium of bad ideas, individuals, ugly misfit items, etc.

Honey she thought that silk Versace shirt ca. 1997 would work with those 2001 Missoni pants. Wrong. That outfit is a total assgasm.

OK, everyone use these new words in a sentence of your choosing in the comments section. Enjoy!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Leafy Leafy

I'm back from Canada, eh!

Do you ever read those Visa/Mastercard ads that suggest these really ridiculous things one should do prior to dying? Like, "Run with the bulls in Pamplona," or "Make out with Pam Anderson?" (OK, OK, I made that last one up.) To that list I should add "See peak leaf change in the Northeast." Wow. It was so spectacular and rich with color that I would sometimes find myself wondering if we were really in the present or if we'd been transported to some sort of Willie Wonka world of Technicolor.

Speaking of Willie Wonka - we describe the food at our lodge as "hearty." And by hearty I think that means "heart attacky." What's the one thing you don't offer Robby Johnson? Dessert, I hear those in the know offering up? You're right! Because I don't turn it down. And when you give me three options per meal, guess what ... that's three options this here Leona Helmsley I Want It All homey is going to invoke.

I really wanted to see a live moose while we were there but had to settle for a moose statue in Doak, and saw some moose tracks when we went out wingshooting one morning. My co-workers were awesome as was my photographer. I'll post more on that this week.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We are having an "80's Ladies" theme party for my mother and her sister, in honor of their retirement(s). It's the last weekend of October when most will be celebrating Halloween, so we're all dressing up in 80's costumes. I still don't know 100% what mine will be, though I think my brother and I might go as JR and Bobby Ewing. Even though "Dallas" was very early 80's, I freaking loved it. I remember being in the 6th grade in like, 1983, and just being glued to the TV every Friday night. Mostly because I thought Lucy Ewing was awesome - I mean, who else gets kidnapped and forced to sing "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" at a Lubbock honkytonk? Lucy Ewing, she who also got engaged to closeted homosexuals! Lucy who was so wild she couldn't live in California with Gary and Val.

OK, here are some inspirational videos. What other costumes might you think of?

KT Oslin


Olivia Newton-John

Monday, October 01, 2007

Blame Canada!!

I survived my first weekend of pilates training! We are nearly through the Essential repertoire of exercises, and will begin learning the Intermediate when we reconvene in two weeks. I really enjoyed the training and it's shifted the way I think about the work in a very positive way. I will never get rich being a part-time pilates instructor but I will be happy if I can help people find the joy and connection I find when I exercise. If anything I get to say words like "develope," and "envelope," both 4-syllables and very French. I haven't decided yet or not if I'll take a dressage whip into class with me. Probably not, but don't hold me to that. You know I don't like repeating myself and if I say develope, bitch, you'd better develope. Got it?

As a sidenote, I am training to certify through Stott Pilates, based out of Toronto. I love me some Toronto. I have been there twice and am excited to think that my future may hold other visits as well, though it is my intention to test (by May) at the instructor's studio in Memphis.

I will be leaving for ATL tomorrow night and flying out Wednesday morning to New Brunswick, to do a photo shoot at my company's lodge there. I have a slammed October on the books and am not in love with being out of the office for 3 days but duty calls.

How was your weekend?