Monday, September 24, 2007

Roll Tide ...

I'm going to admit something that, in this town could get you shivved ... I have never really been an Alabama fan. I'm an Auburn guy. I like me some veterinary school and War Damn Eagle. Plus, Tuscaloosa is full of these little sorostitutes and frat boys who drive around in their Range Rovers with big "W" stickers on the back and it makes me want to hurl, considering they're mostly cocaine users on Adderal with Daddy issues. Do I want to support that? No. No I do not.

However, school spirit rubs off on you and, being from a Mardi Gras town, I love an outdoor festival environment. So my two Baby Girl cousins came up Friday and we went tailgating Saturday out on the Quad prior to the UA vs. UGA game. We lost in overtime which was truly sucktastic but, hey, I got to wear my houndstooth so not all is lost.

I am booked every weekend through the end of the football season so this was my only opportunity to show some school spirit. Better luck next time, homeys. Oh, and John Parker Wilson, work really hard this week on a little somethin-somethin we like to call "pass completion." Not judging you, because you're pretty cool, just sayin'.

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