Friday, September 21, 2007

Properly Pulled Tails

For my peeps at the Chronicle Forums, here are a few photographs of a pulled tail. This is my former horse Rhodes Point, circa November, 2005. I only pull if the horse is cool with being pulled. If there is a slight chance I could get my teeth kicked in, I do the tail with clippers. With that said, I do think pulling looks nicer and, even more so, I like the tail pulled really dramatically (think Ginny Leng and "Priceless") and banged so that it falls about 4-6" below the hock. It most definitely is of benefit if you're doing a gallop across muddy going.

For all the non-horsey readers, I apologize for such a cryptic message. Once a horse person, always a horse person.


Holly said...

Very nice, Robby! And, I'm an eventer because of Ginny Leng, so when you say "Think Ginny Leng and Priceless," you're preaching to the choir. Classic.

Leigh Anne said...

Yep, you gotta come up in the spring to pull my horse's tail.
If for nothing else than unless you do it, my sister will probably do it since she spends more time with the horses than I do these days!!