Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inner Thigh Connection

ई स्ट्रगल विथ पेर्फेक्शन।

OK, I haven't written in Sanskrit in awhile. I have, however, done a few things in that span of time so I don't feel too badly and, seriously, if I knew that was really full-on legible Sanskrit, I would have it tattooed on my body somewhere because it says, "I struggle with perfection."

And so it is with pre-rollup, an exercise done in Pilates on the mat. What this woman will successfully do is slowly nod her chin to her chest and raise up, carefully articulating her spine so that one vertebrae lifts in sequence beginning with her neck, moving to her thoracic spine, and finishing with her lumbar spine. The motion will be reversed on the way down.

It is very hard to do and I will freely admit that I cannot do it for shit. I get like 1/4 of the way up and stall. I did learn, however, to put a yoga block between my thighs because if you squeeze hard enough and make that inner-thigh connection, you will connect to your pelvic floor and actually be able to use the transverse abdominus to lift yourself up.

Well, a yoga block and 30 lb. dumbbells over your feet, but hey, small steps right?

I will say that with my modifications, I can successfully do pre-rollup and that in just 2 short weeks I am seeing results in my lower abdomen. My goal will be to eventually be able to articulate with no props.

So, right now I have developed upper abs, developing lower abs, then the area I like to call Kansas because it's not New York and it's not Los Angeles. Kansas must go. Kansas is where my Permabelly v2.0 resides. I will smoke the bitches out come Hell or high-water!

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