Friday, September 14, 2007

Equid Update

Behold! Little Baby Boney has grown up and is looking like a million bucks in this photograph, taken Wednesday in Chicago at the American Eventing Championships, where he was competing in the Young Event Horse Finals. He finished 5th overall but, can I just brag, had the highest jumping scores for any 5 year-old presented. I am very proud, but other than co-breeding him with a dear friend in Canada, don't have much to do with his current success. His owner, Kaiti Saunders, of Alexandria, Virginia, and his Jockey, Allison Springer, bought him from me when he was just turning 3, and have done all of the work to make him a riding horse. Sure, sure, sure, I taught him all of the important things like wearing a bridle, how to be sprayed with a water hose/fly-spray (talk about drama!), getting his mane pulled, eating peppermints, and longeing (talk about drama!), but I have never physically sat on him.

It was my goal in breeding him that he would one day be able to compete in the Young Event Horse Championship, so I'm very pleased with his performance this week, and thrilled for his future with Allison and Kaiti. They are both amazing, amazing women.

On another note, breeding his 1/2 sister Ouisie this year did not go as planned. 2 breedings, an absorbed pregnancy, and about $1200 later, she's as yell as she can be. The plan is to try to breed her again next year, though I don't know if that's going to work out exactly. As much as I love horses and loved my life as an embedded barn rat, my current life really just doesn't allow the time - or the convenience - of owning or caring for them. When I ride, I like to be 100% immersed, and I'm somewhat specific about the conditions in which I like my horses kept. (They always live better than me!) I've not been able to find that around here, and, truth be told, am having a lot of fun on this horsey-hiatus. I know I will ride again, though in what capacity I'm not entirely sure. Horses are in my DNA and have been since I got my first x-ray from falling off our pony Dutchess when I was a little over 2 years old. A year or so later I was kicked in the forehead while chasing our other pony, Suzy, in the pasture. I think I had some sort of delusion, like we were running across the moors in England and it should've been really foggy and everyone should've been wearing long flowing white Celtic-inspired caftans, except it was Alabama and I am fairly sure I only had on a pair of shorts and was barefoot, even. Anyway, her hoof barely grazed my forehead but it knocked me flat on my back.

Alas! The crowning moment of my frontal-lobe injury is revealed!

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