Monday, September 17, 2007

Balance ...

Lately my life has felt a bit out of balance.

I tend to be much more focused on the hedonistic part of myself, and somewhat indifferent to the responsibility dimension. I think much of this has to do with my go-go-go practice, so I'm figuring out ways to just stay home and get some things done.

My weekend calendar is jam-packed through the end of November (some work, some play), and my goal is to spend December at home, as well as prepare for a 2008 that is a bit more manageable.

I still feel like a child sometimes, especially when it comes to my sense of wonder and thirst for new experiences. But lately I've had an underlying need to just "hold" with what I have and what I know, and really begin to perfect it. It's crazy, I know. I definitely am beginning to feel that I'm in a race against time.

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