Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby One More Time

Lord have mercy, as we'd say down South.

There are trainwrecks, and then there's Britney Spears.

I couldn't find a video to link on YouTube yet, but I know they'll be circulating today. I really feel sorry for her. She reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith - her "fame paradigm" has shifted in that I don't think people tune in to her with an authentic interest in her as a performer, but as a spectacle. It's really sad, actually.

The buzz on Brit is that she lives in an exalted world with a particularly loose grasp on reality. Maybe Brit should take a trip back to New Orleans, where she might go to work helping rebuild the city. Perhaps she should go back to school. I don't know, she needs to reach down and find herself, because it's obvious she's been nothing but a puppet for her entire career. And now that she is in a decision-making role, she's ill-equipped to make good choices.

But I don't think she can make that connection in her present world. She needs an authentic experience as a catalyst for change.

And on that note, I must hit the elliptical machine. Someone needs to grow a pair and inform Walking Oxycontin Addict that bikinis are for people who are somewhat in shape. I am taking a big dose of my own medicine, y'all.

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