Thursday, September 20, 2007

And now an Earthy Message ...

I will be the first to admit that I love my bottled water. It's so easy, and so very integrated and ingrained in my life. I drink more water because of bottled water and I have to say that's not only convenient, but also really healthy. Do I sometimes think, "God, $6.99 for 24 bottles of water every week is crazy!?" Yes, of course I do, but that does not stop me because I am, of course, Robby Johnson. And you know what that means. It means I spend money. Period.

However, in our local paper yesterday there was an article on the significant waste that comes from this industry - like, 38-billion bottles made from 1.5 million barrels of petroleum. I was mortified. My "clean water" is actually creating more waste. And with the revelation that much designer water is bottled directly from a city water supply, the reality that you're getting "more pure" has quickly waned. Fact of life: it's H2O. What gives me the heebie-jeebies about tap water? The funk of the pipe and plumbing system.

Do I still want to filter my water? Sure. I try to minimize my parasitic intake.

The solution? Buy a water-filtering pitcher or install a filter on your tap. (I'm opting for the former since I rent the apartment where I live but, when I buy something, I will go for tap/shower installed.)

Do I need an easy and convenient way to consume my water? Of course! And so I did just what the article suggested and visited and in just 7 days, I shall have a glorious new water bottle to carry around. I bought this bottle but added a red top to it instead. Whee!

OK bitches, green-up!


Jane said...

This year's birthday I asked for/received a Pur filter for our faucet. Does that make me sexy or what?

allie said...

Robbylicious, get thee a water delivery service. I, a bonafide water snob, will not drink tap water unless it is G-U-D. I like yummy water and our water tastes like hairy ass. But we have a big water bottle deliveries, and we refill our little walkabout bottles daily, and the water company refills our bottles for us. Win Win Win!