Monday, August 06, 2007

Oil Spill

On Friday I left my office at noon, with plans to do my Reformer class at Pilates, get Banzai's oil changed, then grab Maddie and head out to the Island.

Ass-whooping private session on the Reformer that saw me doing all sorts of split-legged hoo-ha? Check! Got to the 10-minute oil-change place and right into a bay? Check! I love it when a plan comes together.

Moments after sitting down I hear this really loud bang-and-clang. I hear a voice out in the bay go, "Are you ok?" I think to myself, "This does not sound good."

Nothing comes of it, however, and I return to emailing co-workers on my Blackjack.

A few moments later the manager comes in and says, "Is that your black Honda?" I affirm and he asks, "Did you hear what happened?" I said, "No, what happened?"

As it turns out, the guy who was going to change my oil dropped the pressure-powered oil gun on the ground, prompting it to spew motor oil all over the exterior of my car. They'd already attempted to wash it but it was so bad we had to drive it next door to a pressure-washing bay, and that wasn't even the fool-proof method. It took an extra hour or so, and I left with a gratis oil change and assurance that they'd pick up any resulting damages.

The guy who dropped the gun said, "Man, thanks for being so cool about this - I'd be pissed." Honestly, things like this seldom piss me off. They're irksome as they derail your best laid plans, but a long time ago someone told me "If money can fix it, it's not a problem."

So I wound up getting to the Island around 7:15, but it did not stop me from having a great time with my family. I finished my book ("In The Company Of The Courtesan") which I have been reading since May, and we spent Saturday morning frolicking on Sand Island, courtesy of my awesome brother-in-law who took us out via his way cool boat.

My mother and sister were able to pump me full of calories - not that I was resistant or anything - and so this week I return to my monk-in-contemplation diet of brown basmati rice and fresh vegetables. I will persevere!

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