Thursday, August 30, 2007

Newly-found skillz

Aight bitches ... I did it. Tuesday night, actually. I am now a jelly maker.

Coupla things, though.

1. I am paranoid that the lids didn't seal even though I did everything you're supposed to do.
2. The Sure Jell stuff I used made a little bit of a cloudy glump in one.
3. I used a bunch of habanero peppers and just in tasting it before I poured it up I was like "Whoa."

I have a very hard time with asymmetry. I know the smart thing to do would be to open and use the jar that has the cloudy glump, but that would leave me with 5 jars and that I just cannot do. Plus, what if the cloudy glump is not only toxic, but also really hot? And not in a good Britney Spears back-in-the-day I might do it with you on an airplane way.


Jane said...

Call your county extension agent and ask about the cloudiness. I have a feeling it's just the way the sugar set after it cooled.

If the lids have a tiny dip, they've sealed. Any question, just put them in the fridge and they'll keep indefinitely.

Remember, sugar is a preservative like salt.

Arkanzin said...

Welcome to the world of jelly-making. Unfortunately, 2007 has been a rather bleak year for jellymaking in The Rock due to (a) a freeze in April, (b) a lack of rainfall this summer, and (c)scorching temperatures exacerbating the lack of rainfall.

It's been 28 or 29 days without rain. Thunder was heard twice in the last week. People ran to the windows and doors hoping to see a drop of rain. None was detected.

It's teasing us again here in The Rock where it is cloudy as I type with clouds that say "Woah! It's gonna rain I'd better roll my car windows up." As I said, it's just a tease.

Now, to Beyonce Robby's mad jelly skillz. The photos of the jars look good. Can you "pop" the top of the jelly jar lid? If not, you need to eat that jelly first. If the lids don't "pop", people better get ready for your jelly.

I wouldn't worry about the "cloudy clump." I, like sister Jane, believe it's just sugar.

I can't wait for the first hint of fall to arrive so I can open up a jar of fig preserves. It's too blasted hot right now for me to toast bread. I'm just that way.